is a brand-new, one-stop destination to find local car maintenance deals. We needed to expedite a MVP, proof of concept site to market test the viability of the business, and we delivered a completely customized solution that allows versatility both for administrators, and for clients to edit, publish, and manage their own coupons. As a new market entrant, it was imperative that the site be SEO optimized to the highest degree, and exceptionally performant in the event of abnormal traffic growth. The site performs extraordinarily well by leveraging varnish and memcache concurrently, even while computing the most resource-intensive of Haversine formulas to geolocate dealers and visitors. As a source of immediate credibility, we used Yelp API to fully integrate clients' coupons with their Yelp reviews, so users have a trusted and comparable metric to find the right place to have their car serviced.

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