Where Is Army Navy?

Image is a simple portal built in Drupal 7 and Google Maps API to help alumni from the Army Navy Academy in Carlsbad reconnect. The entire site, including launch, was built in 10 hours, and uses geophp to geolocate inputted addresses, and a JSON feed to import and render them on the front-end.

Fraternity Apparel


As a student at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO, I applied my design experience to provide numerous shirts, posters and other apparel for the organization. Additionally, I assumed the responsibilities of Marketing & Technology chairs, building a new website within the constraints of the ChapterSpot CMS. Here is a sample of my contributions:

Restorative Justice PSAs


My introductory writing class at CU was tasked with assisting the Restorative Justice program in the development of marketing materials, to include a brochure, a video, and several posters. My involvement produced two viable poster designs, both of which were printed and distributed in hundreds of locations around campus. Each of the two posters takes a unique approach to discourage underage students from soliciting and using fake IDs.